Burlesque Performers Bring Tim Burton Movies to Life

Tucked away in downtown Long Beach, in Harvelle's Underground, Seduction: Classic Burlesque Stripshow offered a voyeuristic eye into the mad genius that is Tim Burton. Equally twisted and titillating, this unique show manages the difficult task of balancing sinister performances with a dash of dark humor for good measure. Batman, Beetlejuice, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Big Eyes and Nightmare Before Christmas come to life before the audience, with quality costume and set creations, accompanied by trivial musings from creator Bobbie Burlesque, a boylesque performer himself. Burton would be proud.

Tim Burton Burlesque is part of the regular Seduction: Classic Burlesque Stripshow, held every third Saturday at Harvelle's in Long Beach. All photos by Daniel J. Sliwa

LA Weekly