Two would-be burglars were sent scrambling with their tails between their legs after being surprised by two men who took their IDs.

The pair was eventually nabbed by cops, on top of that.

Quote of the day from LAPD Sgt. Joel Sydanma:

“They basically robbed the robbers.”

Here's what cops say happened during the weekend caper:

The two geniuses suspects entered a home in the 800 block of Vernon Avenue in the Oakwood section of Venice about 2:30 a.m. yesterday and were surprised, to say the least.

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There to greet them were two men who happened to be friends of the homeowner.

Uh-oh. Police say the alleged, would-be burglars were manhandled and sent on their way sans IDs before officers caught up with them about an hour later.

Lesson? When you're going to burglarize a place, leave your identification at home. No, really, the lesson is … hit the gym, guys.

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