There are all kinds of ways to gauge when something is done, dead, over as a trend. When your mom knows about it, when network news does a trend piece on it, when it hooks up with another stupid trend and makes disgusting trend babies. But nothing says DEAD for a food trend like Burger King jumping on the bandwagon. Behold, the sad, sad, dead, over Burger King bacon sundae.

Originally announced back in April as a summer-only treat, the AP is reporting that Burger King's bacon sundae will be released this Thursday. Apparently the sundae is part of a push to revamp the company's image.

Ever work in a no-substitutions restaurant and hear the chef say, “This ain't Burger King. You can't have it your way”? Well, that too is ruined, along with bacon: As part of the company's rebranding efforts, Burger King has changed its tagline from “Have It Your Way” to “Taste Is King.”

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