If Dennis Hof operated in any other state he'd be a pimp.

(Well, if he worked in L.A.'s Porn Valley, he might be a “producer.”)

The man behind the subject of HBO's Cathouse, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, has paired his pervy entrepreneurial vision with the managerial skills of one-time Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss to come up with a new concept in whoring that will surely be the envy of the Comic-Con nation:

Alien Cathouse.

That's right, Hof has purchased another brothel and an adjacent, bar, gas station and convenience store to create this nerd fantasy land. CBS Las Vegas quotes Hof:

We both wanted to do something different, and we both like being on the cutting edge. There has never been a place like the Alien Cathouse before because no one ever went for it.

Ass from space? Different? Hasn't he seen classic Star Trek?

Anywhoo, Hof says he's inspired by the legend of nearby Area 51, telling the station:

Area 51 is a big place. If you turn off my driveway and head up 15 miles, there it is.

He says he wants to tap into the market of sci-fi fans which, frankly, isn't a bad idea. The biggest adult films these days are spoofs (Star Wars XXX) worthy of the ever-growing Comic-Con demographic.

What we want to know is why he needs L.A.'s own Fleiss. Sure, it's a match made in pimp/madam heaven. But our guess is this:

Given how much work she's had done, Fleiss might be able to double as a genuine space alien attraction.

She comes from planet Sheen.

She comes from planet Sheen.

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