Bulletproof Resilience: Ben Densmore’s Journey from Near-Death to Fitness CEO


Ben Densmore‘s story is nothing short of miraculous. His journey began amid a life-threatening situation when he was shot three times in Colombia and survived two comas. As if that wasn’t enough, he also had to overcome memory loss and the inability to speak. Through sheer determination and unyielding faith, Densmore emerged from these challenges with a newfound purpose: to transform the lives of others through fitness.

Densmore’s entry into the fitness world started with a bang as he quickly climbed the ranks at 24 Hour Fitness, becoming the top trainer nationwide from 2014 to 2018. However, it wasn’t until he transitioned into a career in computer tech sales that he realized his true calling. This revelation inspired him to create Blueprint Fitness, an online coaching platform catering to busy professionals seeking a custom approach to weight loss.

At the core of Blueprint Fitness is Densmore’s dedication to personalized customer service. By getting to know each client on an individual level, he can better understand the obstacles they face and create tailored plans that make their weight loss journey enjoyable rather than torturous. His approach enables clients to indulge in their favorite foods without sabotaging their results and provides a flexible workout schedule that fits into their busy lives.

Densmore’s innovative approach to fitness coaching has helped over 475 career-driven men lose 20 pounds of fat in just 90 days, all while increasing their energy levels threefold. It’s evident that his passion for fitness and transforming lives has significantly impacted the well-being of his clients.

With his incredible story of resilience and success, Densmore has valuable wisdom to share. His message is simple yet powerful: never quit or give up hope. He encourages others to stop and smell the roses, reminding us that life isn’t always about going full speed ahead. By embracing this mindset, Densmore has turned his life around and created a thriving business.

Looking ahead, Densmore envisions his brand becoming a staple in the online coaching world, specializing in tech professionals and fat loss. He also dreams of expanding his brand to include fitness merchandise and supplements, further solidifying his expertise in the industry.

As the CEO of Blueprint Fitness, Densmore’s ultimate goal is to share his knowledge and demonstrate the life-changing impact he has had on over 475 busy male professionals. His inspiring story serves as a beacon to all, showcasing the power of determination and faith in overcoming life’s most significant challenges.

Densmore’s extraordinary journey from near-death experiences to becoming a fitness guru is a testament to his unwavering resilience and dedication. With Blueprint Fitness, he has successfully transformed hundreds of lives by providing personalized coaching and fostering a supportive environment for busy professionals. As his brand continues to grow, Densmore’s unique approach to fitness and his inspirational triumph over adversity will undoubtedly motivate countless others to overcome their own obstacles and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle.

To learn more about Ben Densmore and Blueprint Fitness, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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