Budderside Recalls Incubus and More: Patrick Stone of L.A. rockers Budderside recalls some of his fave shows.

Patrick Stone: Three of our favorite shows, together as a band are:

GN’R at the Paladium. We stood in line for hours, the whole deal, you know. Right up front, like the true fans that we all are. So much fun.

Badflower at El Rey. They just destroyed the place. We were so inspired after that show.

Bring Me The Horizon at The Whisky. I can’t even remember where everyone went. Like a wave on the ocean, I somehow got to the very front and literally caught both Oli and Yungblud in my arms as they dove on top of me, we all sang “Obey” together in the pit. I got video. Priceless.

Personally, on my own, three stand out. The first being Incubus at the Fonda. It was so intimate for a band so explosive. Up close to that many meaningful songs was transcendent. Brandon’s voice and passion are intoxicating.

Second would be Don Broco at El Rey. Just…. WOW!!! Bouncing the whole damn show. Every freaking song another journey of emotion and energy. Shirt off, swinging it around my head, lost in the music.

Thirdly, Dead Sara at The Roxy. Two sets in one night and I was one lucky enough to see both, back to back. Neither set was the same. I’ve seen Dead Sara so many times and it’s never enough, I always want more, though the Roxy truly satisfied me for the evening. Emily and the band just reach down inside and teach me about myself. You can feel the truth in the music and lyrics and Emily’s voice doesn’t lie. You can taste everything she’s been through when she opens up and you just know, the band are her, and she is the band, one family tearing their way through the universe on a mission to make you feel something. To wake up. To be a part of the hurt, the happiness, the love, all of us, together. Absolutely righteous. I don’t just watch those shows, I feel like I’m part of them. Two hands on the monitor, sweating, bouncing! To all these bands I’ve mentioned, thank you.

Budderside Recalls Incubus and More: Budderside’s “The Truth” is out now.

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