Giovanni Ramirez, the gangster suspected in the near-death beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow on Dodgers' opening day, will stay behind bars, a commissioner ruled this morning.

But despite all the tough talk from LAPD Chief Charlie Beck that he's their man in the case, the department's case has yet to be presented to the District Attorney, and the commissioner indicated Ramirez's jailing has nothing to do with the attack.

And thus, as observers held their breath for the next development in the standoff between Ramirez's media-savvy attorneys and the LAPD, this was an anticlimax of sorts.

It was widely speculated on TV news yesterday that Ramirez passed two lie detector tests that he volunteered to take — one for his attorneys and one for the LAPD. But no one has confirmed that.

His lawyers say the Varrio Nuevo Estrada gang member who's reportedly wanted in Nevada for an attempted murder was taking care of his 10-year-old daughter at her home during the time of the game.

Cops have indicated that witnesses fingered the 31-year-old in a lineup, and his looks include some similarities to a police artist's sketch of one of three suspects wanted for the beating that put Stow in a coma.

The commissioner said Ramirez could be held for violating his parole. Defense attorney J. Christopher Smith spun that decision this way: There is “no probable cause to hold Giovanni Ramirez for the assault with great bodily injury allegation.”

Ramirez has another hearing June 20 to see if his parole should be revoked and he should be put back in state prison for the violation.

Added: The Los Angeles Times reports that Ramirez was held for having weapons in his residence when cops picked him up to talk about Stow. (As a parolee he's not supposed to be playing with guns).

The paper says he was offered a deal of prison for a year for the violation, but that Ramirez opted to get that full hearing on the matter next month.

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