While some beat cops don't like to make DUI arrests if they can help it because they require a lot of paperwork and, sometimes, court time, there's one officer in L.A. County you don't want to run into if you've had one too many:

Glendale's Bryan Duncan.

He's not afraid, apparently, of the slow wheels and mad bureaucracy of justice. He's a statewide champion, in fact:

Duncan was recognized by the state of California this week for his contributions to busting drunk asses. The state Office of Traffic Safety praised him yesterday for his “Traffic Safety Excellence,” according to the Glendale department.

Glendale police said in a statement that …

… Officer Duncan's work has served the Glendale community well, helping to lower alcohol involved deaths and injuries. It is his dedication to maintaining resident safety through DUI enforcement that earned him the honor of being recognized …

But here's the scary part for all of you think driving on a few is okay:

Duncan has racked up 100 DUI arrests so far this year, according to the Glendale News-Press.

Local police say Duncan and three other officers have made more than half the 563 DUI arrests that city has seen in 2012.


Cops argue that the aggressive policing has resulted in a nearly one-quarter reduction in DUI crashes.

So, yeah, Glendale is not the place you want to be if you're a drinker and driver. And Duncan is definitely not the guy you want to see in your rear view.

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