Brunch gets a French-Mexican Makeover at Trois Familia in Silver Lake

Placing ordersPlacing ordersPlacing ordersPlacing ordersFrench nachos with chorizo jamPlacing ordersSweet crepe with strawberry jamPlacing ordersDuck confitPlacing ordersDuck confitPlacing ordersBeet tartare tostadaPlacing ordersHorchata aka The Vanilla RicePlacing ordersAnson-Mills gritsPlacing ordersPoached omelette sandwichPlacing ordersDouble decker potato tacosPlacing ordersPiece of grilled cheese on the double decker potato tacoPlacing ordersShrimp fried ricePlacing ordersPouring cream into a cup of Heart CoffeePlacing ordersTaking an orderPlacing ordersDecorative detailPlacing ordersWall of stickersPlacing ordersReceiver and lpsPlacing ordersStumptown Cold Brew CoffeePlacing ordersDinersPlacing ordersMixer and cookbooksPlacing ordersPhotographing lunchPlacing ordersPhotographing lunchPlacing orders
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