Brujeria Brutality in Long Beach: Brujeria is a death metal supergroup that may or may not also be Mexican gangsters. Probably not, but still, their albums are intense so expect an insane night in Long Beach and one in L.A. Brujeria have courted controversy ever since their classic 1993 debut album Matando Güeros, which featured a real severed head on the sleeve.

Meanwhile, they wear masks and bandanas on stage to hide their identities because, they say, they’re on the run from the authorities due to their gang activities that involve drug trafficking and satanic rituals. OR, and bear with us here, it’s because they’re in other bands such as Napalm Death and they don’t want people to recognize them. The fact that Napalm bassist Shane Embury (if he’s still in the band) has a mop of hair that spills over his bandana might give it away.

The band spoke to LA Weekly’s Jason Roche back in 2016. “When we formed the band we wanted the music to be hard, so it made sense for the lyrics to be hard as well,” said Brujo. The lyrics “were so fucked up it was over the top and funny. Some people got legitimately scared. Others laughed really hard because they got what we were doing. That’s the magic of Brujeria.”

“We didn’t want people to know that Brujeria members were in other bands,” Brujo added. “With no internet back then it was hard to find out who we were. There were guys that weren’t in Brujeria that would say they were in it! But little by little, some of the members started leaking and then the internet came along. I think it worked for a long time though.”

Dwarves and Art of Shock also perform.

Brujeria Brutality in Long Beach: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 18 at Alex’s Bar.
































































































































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