Okay, pot people.

You like to complain a lot about how bad Obama's been treating you lately, sending his feds in to bust Oaksterdam University and other California-legal marijuana establishments.

But you didn't have enough buds to pass full legalization in 2010 in California, and you haven't exactly been showing your political muscle on the national stage. Well, here's your chance:

Bruce Margolin, L.A.'s notorious pro-marijuana attorney, is running for U.S. Congress.

You heard that right. He's running against liberal Westside titan Henry Waxman in the 33rd congressional district.

And he needs your help.

This week Margolin said he was banking on a “Micro-Donation Campaign” that would have many (many) folks giving up only $10 online.

Sounds, um, pie-in-the-sky. (Is he high?).

It's going to take a lot of $10 donations to beat the corporate and special-interest cash of a powerful, longtime incumbent like Waxman.

But Margolin, father of the hot Allison Margolin (who calls herself “L.A.'s dopest attorney” — the leaf doesn't fall far from the stem), isn't phased:

If we are successful in running a campaign that is exclusively financed by micro donations, it will have an enormous impact on the entire election process going forward. There will be no more tolerance for politicians who compromise their principles in exchange for campaign contributions.

Heading into the June 5 California primary, Margolin is embarking on a “Yoga Tour” to get your cash.

Far out, man.

So get up off those recliners, stoner friends, and make your cough-inflected voices heard in Washington. And if you can't give $10, why not, at least, $4.20?

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