Brittany Campbell’s Voice is Eternally Angelic: L.A. R&B singer, songwriter and artist Brittany Campbell has released a new single and lyric video called “Eternally.” The song comes hot on the heels of her acclaimed Black Lives Matter protest anthem “Matter.”

“They say life isn’t kind. In our case, we’ll have to be blind to them all,” she croons, while professing eternal love.

“I can’t say that I was thriving when I finally revisited this song…grieving was the pinnacle part of the process…this song was a wish…for love eternal.,” she said in a statement. “I wrote it when I was still with my first love…even though the walls were crumbling around us, I held to him, fixated on this idea that my first would be my last…everlasting…it has taken sometime to get over us…I have tried to go about it a multitude of ways but the only way over was to go through it…realizing that our love has left its imprint on me…eternal. Accepting that you are in the very fabric of my being… eternal…understanding it was you who walked with me in the beginning of my journey towards radical love…eternal.”

It’s gorgeous, low-key soul song. Emotive and raw, yet lush and warm.

“A first generation American, Brittany was born to Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, NY. As the daughter of a reggae DJ, she found herself immersed in music from a young age, even being recruited as a singer for the Metropolitan Opera at age seven,” reads the press release. “Years later in 2018, she emerged on the contemporary scene with her full length debut Stay Gold. With its diary-like lyrics and deceptively complex musicianship, it quickly found an audience amongst progressive, open-minded listeners.”

Check it out below.

Brittany Campbell’s Voice is Eternally Angelic: Brittany Campbell’s “Eternally” single and video are out now.


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