Call it the douche defense. Former Britney Spears “manager” Sam Lutfi is such a low-down scoundrel that it would be nearly impossible to find words that would tarnish his character: That's what the legal team of Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, is arguing in Los Angeles court this week in its bid to get Lufti's defamation claims against the elder Spears thrown out.

Lufti is suing over statements about him in Lynne Spears' book, Through the Storm, A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, which include claims that he thew away mobile phone chargers and disabled house phones to isolate Britney, tried to spread rumors that her then boyfriend was gay, hid her dog then produced it to look like a hero, put drugs in her food, and threatened to kill her and urinate “on her grave” if any moves were made to get rid of him.

Lynne Spears' team argues that Lufti had such a low reputation to begin with that he is “libel-proof.” If their move is upheld it would be a rare case — perhaps the first in California — in which someone was deemed to be libel-proof.

“'Sam' Lutfi is one of the rare individuals to whom the libel-proof doctrine would apply,'' the woman's lawyers stated in their state 2nd District appeals court filing. The arguments are being heard at the court in downtown Los Angeles.

Lufti, whose lawyers have apparently abandoned him, had argued in court papers that “it became virtually impossible for me to be seen anywhere in public without someone yelling insults and racial slurs at me” as a result of the book.

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