Bringing visions to life by helping people push boundaries through Yoga, meet Nathania Stambouli.

As the founder of Yogi Flight School, she helps people flow into arm balances and inversions with ease, ultimately changing their lives for the better.

A quick look around at the state of the world makes it clear that things are in constant change – some changes positive, and others not. Most people are along for the ride of their life, in the passenger seat, waiting for permission to shine and to create the life of their dreams. Though this is true of many people, there  are a few thought-leaders and believers who have made it their mission to empower others to break through their circumstances and create their future from the inside out. One such incredible soul is Nathania Stambouli, a passionate Yogi who has been transforming lives one arm balance and inversion pose at a time.

Nathania Stambouli has always been aware of the many challenges people face in their daily lives: living in a cubicle, feeling stuck in their journeys and trying to figure out a vision for their life. Stambouli’s mission is to help people see and understand that the journey to transforming your life begins when you make a choice to take on your fear and limiting beliefs, and not let the past dictate your future.

Yoga is an incredible outlet for building this inner strength. With a mission to help people everywhere break through everything that is holding them back from living their most free, expressed and powerful life, Stambouli created Yogi Flight School, which has emerged as a one-of-a-kind online school specializing in teaching arm balances and inversions to anyone and everyone who wishes to push past their own perceived limitations and bring their visions to life – whether that vision is a handstand on top of a mountain, quitting their job to do what lights them up, or anything else that causes most people to stop in their tracks.

With the Yoga arm balance program at Yogi Flight School, transformation happens quickly. Students are brought up against their limitations and those limitations are broken through. Every “I can’t do that!”  becomes an “OMG I did it!” and that confidence ripples through every other area of a person’s life.

Speaking more about her journey, Nathania says how she, too, spent a decade working in the corporate world as a marketing director for a wholesale company and finally, after 10 years, had the courage to do something about it.

In an effort to “make it through the day,” she stumbled into an advanced yoga class one day and a lightbulb went off. Everything that was happening on her yoga mat was also happening in the rest of her life. She saw complicated poses and thought “everyone else can do this, but not me.” Turns out, this was showing up everywhere.

Everyone else could quit their job and go to the beach on a Tuesday, but not her. Stambouli saw that yoga was a mirror for her life, and used this transformational practice to build the self-trust and confidence to change her circumstances. “Learning to conquer fear, limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness, lack of confidence and self-trust on the Yoga mat completely transformed my life,” she shares.

She quit her corporate job and started a business making a positive difference in people’s lives across the world. She says this is the transformation arm balance offers, emphasizing that “When you learn to stop listening to your limiting beliefs, you are capable of ANYTHING.” She realized her purpose and vision in life when she realized her life was much more than the four walls of a corporate job.

Today, Nathania Stambouli loves making a difference in people’s lives through the transformative practice of arm balances and inversions. She loves hearing how arm balance and handstands give her students a new perspective on life and loves to know how all this has only made them more powerful and capable. She loves that the lessons that they learn on the Yoga mat transfer to every other area of their life.

Yogi Flight School’s program is the only arm balance and inversion program that offers deep mindset training, where beginners get to transform from the inside out. Not just that, the school also caters to intermediate ninjas working toward expanding their Yoga inversion practice while also offering a variety of teacher trainings (200 and 300 hours), in-person retreats and smaller courses.

Nathania Stambouli, through Yogi Flight School, helps people fly every step of the way.

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