A lot has changed since the gang from True Blood — HBO's hit Southern Gothic drama about blood-sucking vampires and foolish mortals running amok in a small Louisiana town — appeared at PaleyFest in 2009. Last year's third season gave us werewolves and even more supernatural beings, gay couplings and, more important, the naked backside of one Alexander Skarsgård (Viking vampire/head series hunk “Eric Northman”). As part of PaleyFest 2011, the actor joins show creator Alan Ball and more than a dozen other key cast members, including Anna Paquin (series heroine/waitress/telepath/fairy “Sookie Stackhouse”) and Stephen Moyer (her vampire suitor “Bill Compton”), to give hungry fans a taste of what's in store for the fourth season. More hot man-on-man action couldn't hurt.

Sat., March 5, 7 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly