Updated at the bottom: More details on how the cops caught the suspect — on a rooftop, no less — early this morning. First posted at 2:04 a.m.

Cops this morning were searching for a suspect who shot at them, and that suspect might be Brent Zubeck, the convicted bank robber wanted in connection with the murder of a young Chatsworth couple.

News reports indicated that cops near Ventura Boulevard and Libbit Avenue, perhaps “major crimes” police from the LAPD, came under fire about 9:30 p.m. there and then set up a perimeter in the area.

Late last night, however, they still didn't have their man. According to City News Service, a SWAT team was deployed to the scene to help out.

Zubeck, who might have lived in the same home where the couple rented a room in the 20400 block of Lassen Street in Chatsworth, was named as a possible suspect following the discovery of the bodies Aug. 12.

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The man who shot at police was reportedly wearing a wig.

At this point if you see an armed man in a wig in your neighborhood, call 911. Other than that, though, if you have background info that could help cops with this case, call 818-832-0609.

Update: The Los Angeles Times says the suspect was attending a party in the area and was being followed by cops. As they tracked him outside a nearby Ralph's he allegedly opened fire, prompting the SWAT response. Early this morning officers caught up with Zubeck.

Added: Note the comments below from neighbors. They heard an officer aboard a police helicopter hovering over the area say “If you touch that gun, I'll shoot you from the helicopter.” This was apparently right before cops on the ground took Zubeck into custody.

Update No. 2: Cops today said that they found Zubeck on the roof of a residential building in the 4600 block of Libbit Street early this morning and that he pointed a gun at officers, prompting at least one to open fire.

According to police statement Major Crime Detectives were conducting surveillance on a female friend of Zubeck's in the area when they came across the suspect about 9:30 p.m. Sunday and he fired one shot at the officers.

SWAT members were called out and a perimeter was set up in the area. Reverse 911 calls and Nixle alerts were used to tell neighbors to stay inside, police said.

Then, several hours later, Metro officers with search dogs found him on a rooftop, according to the department. He pointed a gun at them, cops allege.


An officer involved shooting occurred. Zubek was struck in the lower torso. Officers were able to get up onto the roof and take Zubek into custody. The assisted Zubek off of the roof by using a stretcher and immediately called for medical help.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel responded and transported to a local area hospital where he was treated and released. Zubek has been booked for Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer and a Federal Probation Violation at Devonshire station and being held without bail. Zubek was transported to Van Nuys Jail.

The department statement says no officers were hurt. It also indicates for the first time, we believe, that the bodies of the victims in the Aug. 12 discovery were found in a “dumpster” and that the victims and Zubeck all indeed lived at the Lassen Street home near that find.

Strangely, City News Service reports that as the search for Zubeck was happening, at about 2:50 a.m., a two-room fire broke out in the home in the 20400 block of Lassen Street in Chatsworth where the couple lived.


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