Brenda Carsey at the Moroccan: Alt-pop-hip-hop rising star Brenda Carsey is playing a single release show for “Just Trying to do My Thing,” and she has Jessica Gerhardt, Christina Apostolopoulos and Triona O’Neill with her. That’s a great lineup.

Back in 2020, when she released the “Scroll Click” single she said that the track was, “inspired by the observation of societal addiction to social media. It is a track inspired by the falsehood of associating your worthiness as a human being with being ‘popular’ ‘famous’ or ‘important’ based on numeric value alone. It is a track inspired by how the ethereal, invisible magic of music has been forced and squashed into a huge visual box for easier consumption. It is a track inspired by how deceiving looks can be in the manicured reality of social media and how participation in this false reality can not only lead to depression but how it can also lead one to check out from participating in actual reality. It is a track inspired by the dark realities and injustices happening constantly all around us. It sounds nothing like anything I have released before. And I love it.”

Of the new one, she posted to social media, “I’m so glad this music and message is finally out in the world and that the beginning of this next musical and artistic chapter for me has finally begun!”

Check it out at the Moroccan.

Brenda Carsey at the Moroccan: The event takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 12 at the Moroccan Lounge.


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