Breakthrough in winemaking:  Artificial intelligence brings benefits into the wine industry.

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The process of designer’s era completion has triggered the entire exploration of AI capabilities into the business domain. Land of Basarabia is among the first companies which adopted an innovative approach in the winemaking industry. The company’s founder possessing the outbox thinking brought the new realizations in traditional beekeeping and winemaking. Being a real pioneer and innovator in combining beekeeping and blockchain, the passionate team of Land of Basarabia decided to go ahead and introduce AI into winemaking, entrusting AI to create the concept for a new range of wines.

As a result, the unique range of wines, matured at the finest regions of France, Moldova, Germany and Georgia was created.  Still, the Land of Basarabia team was eager to determine whether or not AI is self-sufficient to create and invent. The new range of wines created with the AI participation has highlighted the situation. In fact, the label defines the concept combining the story, image, traditional flavor and well-known taste. It plays an 80% decision making factor while wine selection.

This way, almost unnoticeably, AI has started to exist alongside humanity, influencing our choices as well. Wine collection has already been distributed worldwide, adorning exclusive collections. In this manner, the company has decided to preserve the timeline where AI started to influence our lives for future generations. In the nearest future, there will be countless innovations of this kind, but the Land of Basarabia was the first to take steps in this direction.

“We wanted to explore the AI capabilities and discover where it can bring us,” – the brand’s founder stated. “It’s amazing how accurately AI was able to interpret the story of a small country into visual images that can captivate attention and sell successfully.” Together with AI, the brand has created a unique concept that combines the distinctiveness and history of the region conveyed through the final product. What’s next?

The irreversibility of the process can no longer be denied—we stand on the threshold of a new leap, the era of artificial intelligence. Everybody has now the ability to work with different tasks of any complexity using an intellectual system, something previously exclusive to humans. AI only starts the journey, yet tomorrow, we are sure, it will be enrolled in all domains. Nevertheless, AI is criticized, hated, and feared, however, the best thing we can do about it is to understand and learn how to interact with it.

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