Breaking Down Barriers: Dean Abbott Revolutionizes Machine Learning for Businesses

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Machine learning and data analytics are crucial elements of modern businesses. However comprehending these intricate subjects can often be challenging due to their complexity. Dean Abbott, founder of Abbott Analytics firmly believes that this should not be the case.

He strives to make machine learning accessible and applicable within mainstream business practices by breaking down these barriers through practical expertise combined with an outstanding ability to communicate complex ideas simply.

Dean’s roots go far back into data science dating all the way back from 1986; his experiences are encapsulated in his book chapter titled “Journeys to Data Mining: Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers” (Springer Verlag, 2012).

It outlines his evolution as a data scientist long before anyone had heard about machine learning! One thing sets apart Abbott Analytics from other companies that deal with similar issues – its emphasis on practical expertise in machine learning solutions coupled with bridging gaps between two worlds; Data Science and Business Stakeholders. Abbott Analytics excels at translating complex machine learning concepts into language that resonates with business goals and objectives.

Putting advanced analytics to practical use for solving complex business problems fuels Dean’s purposeful work. As co-founder of SmarterHQ before returning to active consulting, he is seeking greater exposure within the global analytics community while extending services offered to Fortune 500 companies.

Dean’s focus on building diverse teams, measuring key performance indicators for business success metrics and emphasizing open communication underpins a host of successful data-driven schemes developed through his insights into the industry. For this reason among others he was recently appointed as Bodily Bicentennial Professor in Analytics at University of Virginia Darden School of Business which recognizes both his pioneering achievements along with wide-reaching influence within the field.

In addition to Abbott Analytics where he is based now; he also enjoys speaking engagements globally as well as authoring books that serve as roadmap guides for professionals towards even more insightful prediction using “Applied Predictive Analytics” (Wiley, 2014) – with a second edition soon to come and co-authored “The IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook” (Packt Publishing, 2013). To gain further insight into the exceptional contributions that Dean Abbott has made in the field of machine learning take a moment to explore Abbott Analytics at

Moreover staying connected with him on Twitter @deanabb and LinkedIn at ensures that you’ll be up to date on all relevant updates

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