Breaking Barriers: Bisou! Bisou! Wines Redefining the Natural Wine Industry

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A glass raised high: here’s a toast to Summer Dietz and Sasha Gaona, the trailblazing co-founders and owners of Bisou! Bisou! Wines, for their audacious entry into the natural wine industry. Hailing from Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, this dynamic duo is fearlessly challenging convention and reshaping norms in a space traditionally dominated by men. Their journey, imbued with both ambition and passion, is an inspiring narrative of innovation and tenacity.

Dietz and Gaona are no mere participants in the industry; they are bold pioneers who established their importing company from the ground up. Yet their venture stands out not merely for its novelty but for its distinctive approach. Bisou! Bisou! Wines is the only woman-led importer and distributor offering sulfite-free wine from growers and producers. Translating the wine jargon, this means they exclusively deal with producers who grow their own grapes and produce wine with absolutely no additives. It’s a ‘grape to glass’ philosophy that respects the authenticity and integrity of each bottle.

But it doesn’t stop there. The duo has elevated its brand above and beyond a simple import and distribution model. They’ve formed partnerships with culturally relevant industries outside of food and beverage, spanning fashion, music, art, and even makeup. These collaborations create engaging spaces to demystify natural wine, reflecting their ethos that wine is not just a beverage but an experience to be enjoyed and shared.

It’s an approach that’s been met with open arms. Their first two shipments of wine sold out within a week. Acclaimed establishments across San Francisco and Los Angeles pour their wines, and prestigious platforms like Bon Appétit have featured them. Collaborations with LVMH-owned Benefit Cosmetics for an educational wine tasting and indie record label Dark Entries Records have only enhanced their brand’s cultural appeal.

However, despite the accolades and impressive progress, Dietz and Gaona remain grounded, candidly discussing the challenges they’ve faced. From battling imposter syndrome to raising their voices in a male-dominated field, their journey is a testament to the courage and perseverance required to break barriers. Their advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is simple but profound: just start, embrace the discomfort, trust the process, and celebrate the little wins.

The key to their successful partnership is trust and understanding, honed over 17 years of friendship and professional collaboration. The pair balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a powerful synergy that is set to take over the industry.

For those looking to add a touch of passion, authenticity, and fun to their wine selection, remember to shop the back of the bottle and look for wines imported by Bisou! Bisou! Wines. This unique venture is not just importing wine; it’s importing a cultural shift, a new narrative about what the wine industry can and should be.

Join their journey, savor their wines, and support their vision by connecting with them on Instagram, exploring their story on their website, or diving into their fun, educational content on TikTok. Let’s raise a glass to Bisou! Bisou! Wines, redefining the wine industry, one sulfite-free bottle at a time.

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