Funk-hop massive Breakestra is, by now, an L.A. institution. The eight-piece big band has been throwing fiery soul blowouts, each show like a miniature festival of funk, since 1996. Impressive in its own right, but the group's stylistic vintage runs much deeper: to the oft-sampled sounds of '60s/'70s Black America (hence, “breakbeat” + “orchestra”). All things considered, it's a wonder that Breakestra has only just announced its second official LP, titled Dusk Till Dawn, due out September 29.

What makes perfect sense, however, is the label Breakestra has teamed up with. After releasing a live mixtape and a handful of vinyl bits via Stones Throw, and its first album on Ubiquity Records, the collective has signed with Strut, an imprint primarily known for its fantastic Afro-funk retrospectives (including the acclaimed Nigeria 70 series). Download an exclusive MP3 from the new album, “Dark Clouds Rain Soul,” below.


On vocals is group founder “Music Man” Miles Tackett, who also co-founded The Root Down, the weekly funk/soul/hip-hop club night recently relocated from Little Temple to El Cid. Dusk Till Dawn is a tribute to Tackett's late Root Down DJ partner, DJ Dusk, run down by a drunk driver in 2006. The two used to host a legendary beat battle night, which currently lives on in last year's Mochilla-released DVD, DJ Dusk's Root Down Soundclash.

Breakestra, From Dusk Till Dawn track list:

01. “Need A Little Love”

02. “Dark Clouds Rain Soul”

03. “Come On Over” ft. Afrodyete

04. “Back At The Boathouse”

05. “Get It Right”

06. “Show You The Way”

07. “Me & Michelle”

08. “I Don't Wanna Wait”

09. “No Matter Where You Go”

10. ” 'Posed To Be” ft. Chali 2NA & DJ Dusk

11. “North-East To Nippon”

12. “Low Down Stank”

13. “Joyful Noise”

14. “You'll Never Know”

15. “Set The Sun”

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