What does a fed up parent/journalist/writer do when he's sick and tired of bad education policies? He starts a hard-hitting blog, of course.

Los Angeles writer Lawrence Ross, who recently fought a successful battle against a local charter school on the behalf of his child, created BrainCOCOA.com a few weeks ago.

Now he and other writers are blogging about Texas politicians allowing concealed weapons in schools, a 12-year-old British school boy fighting a uniform policy by wearing a skirt, and how U.S. students lack an understanding of how the American political system works.

“I started thinking about creating a Gawker-like site about bad education,” Ross tells us. “So I did.”

This ought to be interesting.

Just this week, BrainCOCOA wrote about a New York City teacher who allegedly forced students to deal drugs!

The slogan of the blog? “Sunlight is the best disinfectant…of bad education.”

Ross and his crew, in fact, should have plenty of material to choose from just in the Los Angeles area.

From the Parent Trigger battle in Compton to the shuffling of bad teachers rather than firing them (check out L.A. Weekly's award-winning cover story “LAUSD's Dance of the Lemons” by Beth Barrett), the education wars are raging.

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