Here's another case where foreign ad agencies are handing American agencies their asses. South Africa's Wimpy Burgers has Braille menus for the blind, and to get the word out, they created some special burger buns using sesame seeds to spell out messages in Braille.

The clever ad shows the genuine surprise and joy of the people they invited from three Braille institutes who realized the burgers had a special message spelled out just for them.

The ad goes on to state, “sure this was a small gesture, but for people who use their hands as their eyes, this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food. They enjoyed the braille burgers so much that it motivated them to speak about it in their braille newsletters, publications and screen reader emails. So by building just 15 braille burgers, our message was passed on to over 800,000 sight disabled people letting people know Wimpy is a place where everyone can feel at home.”

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