(Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa flanked by two women. He sat front and center at Eduardo Lucero to show his support for BOXeight and LA fashion, and pretty women )

It was approaching 11 pm. I had sat through a few of the short films in the You Wear it Well, fashion film festival, a few of them were fabulous, but on the whole I felt the entire thing was a bit too self-indulgent. The logo look was really unfortunate, looks like it was designed by a church group. (see below)

Dino Dinco and Diane Pernet curated the thing. Diane sat in the front row at every show, obstructing many a view in an infanta headdress and possibly her own in black sunglasses.

I left part way through to go back to Echo Park and walk my dog, that's how intolerable I thought many of the films were. Most of them had nothing to do with fashion, just sort of art house rants. I was lucky enough to get back just in time to see Eduardo Lucero's show.


(one of my favorite pieces was the lavender off the shoulder get up at the end)

The crowd gave Lucero a standing ovation and the buzz later was that it was the best show of the evening. The gauzey, rouched dresses in heathered kelly green and apple red, and the laser cut lavender silk were a great move from boring usual evening wear. The collection was lady-like but alluring.

Looks like it's metallics, smoky purple and green for spring…!

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