Box of Dreams Reopened

[Re “Box of Broken Dreams: In Search of a Soul Lost and Found in L.A.,” by Mark Groubert:] What an amazing piece. I was on the edge of my seat and nearly cried more than once. I too have gone through many boxes like the one you wrote about, wondering what became of the faces in the faded photos and how they came to be left on the street at the mercy of scavengers. I generally imagine the worst, so it was great to see an actual happy ending to one of L.A.’s many “sad box” stories.

Posted by Chloe, L.A.

What a beautiful story. I lived in L.A. for seven years as a lost angel. I passed many a box around Hollywood and Los Feliz that I would have loved to know the story behind. I just moved to Cleveland three months ago to be near my family and to “heal my soul.” I dearly miss L.A., this paper and the people in these stories. Thank you. I wonder how many more stories from boxes there are out there.

Posted by Kim, Cleveland

This is a beautiful article, a melancholy poem that summarizes many people’s true Los Angeles experience. Thank you for writing it.

Posted by J.M.

You referenced Bukowski a couple of times and I wanted to clear one thing up. He bought booze at the Pink Elephant while living on Carlton Way near the corner of Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. When he lived on Mariposa Avenue (much earlier), he bought booze at Ned’s at Normandie Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Is this important? Only for the Bukowski fanatic! I wonder if Nicolas has read Bukowski’s work or was inspired by it. Thanks for this great story.

Posted by Matt Dukes Jordan, L.A.

I also left my own boxes in L.A. some years ago. I wish someone has my wood pieces and drawings I couldn’t take home. Made me want to be there again. Maybe it happens. Thanks for this story.

Posted by Juliana, Montevideo, Uruguay

I loved this story. It reminds me of what another writer told me before I moved to L.A. for the first time. He said, “You’ll be sorry.”

Posted by Pete, Livingston, Montana

L.A. is definitely a place where you come digging into your own soul. Sometimes, as you dig, you find things that are scary — even to yourself — and that’s when you could get lost. But if you are grounded enough, you will dig more and find a much nicer layer, a glance at your beautiful soul … keep searching.

Posted by Christophe, Paris


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