Bow Wow Wow to Wow Whisky: There seems to be two versions of Brit new wave band Bow Wow Wow on the circuit, and the one performing at the Whisky this week appears to be Leigh Gorman’s, minus Annabella Lwin. Dame Madelyn is the vocalist now so that should be interesting. For our money, Lwin was the star and she’s out there as “Annabella’s Bow Wow Wow” last we checked. But Dame Madelyn is, by all accounts, a respected jazz vocalist. That said, we don’t know what happened to Kristen “Dinzy” Dinsmore, who was singing for the band in 2020 and 2021. This band is apparently an open book.

Juliana Hale and If I Fall also play.

Bow Wow Wow to Wow Whisky: The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, January 13 at the Whisky A Go Go.

In 2020, LA Weekly’s Falling James wrote of Annabella Lwin’s version:

“With their Burundi-style rhythms, Bow Wow Wow were a memorable band in the ’80s, blending new wave and punk energy with poppy melodies on such memorable tunes as “Do You Wanna Hold Me?,” “Sexy Eiffel Tower” and the hit remake of The Strangeloves’ “I Want Candy.” But the most distinctive and charismatic part of the English group has always been Annabella Lwin, the precociously talented, ebullient lead vocalist who started singing with Bow Wow Wow when she was just 13 years old. In recent years, a dodgy, inauthentic version of the band led by a former bassist using the Bow Wow Wow name plays gigs with an inferior, impostor vocalist in place of Lwin. Undeterred, the real Ms. Lwin continues to perform under her own name. Ain’t nothing like the real thing.”



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