Not sure if this one is such a great idea, particularly if you're at all worried about everyone in your life (including that traffic cop) thinking you're sloshed all the time. But regardless, we thought it was worth bringing to your attention, just in case you love bourbon so much you want to reek of it even when you haven't spilled it on yourself or consumed so much of it that it's coming out your pores.

Behold: Bourbon perfume/cologne. Made by Scodioli and available through their Etsy shop, the perfume carries this descriptor:

Madame has based this alluring scent on her favorite single barrel bourbon: delicate floral notes on top of richly aged wood and warm vanilla, earthy spice and the slightest hint of cherry and caramel. Cheers, darlings.

For only $14, what's not to love (except maybe getting fired for being drunk at work)?

[H/T @saucela]

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