Known for busting out soulful blends both smooth and bangin’ when it started at Boardner’s, Bounce Rock Skate returns this week at a new spot, and it’s a go for anyone who thinks boogie beats ain’t what they used to be. DJs Kaleem, Destroyer, Loslito and DJ7 spin classic gems, including funk, R&B, disco and party breaks every first and third Friday thereafter, too. At Blue Velvet, 750 Garland Ave.; Fri., March 6; free with RSVP at Fans of newer, more robotic jams always have an array to choose from clubwise, but two get our vote for most woot-woot worthy this week. Create:Fixate, the recurring art and music event, is themed “Wisdom With Us” this time out, and the DJ skills of Adam Freeland, Steve Loria and the live lusciousness of Love Grenades make it a wise choice for Saturday night, indeed. At Premiere Events Center, 613 Imperial St., dwntwn; Sat., March 7. Finally, Fuck Yess LA, a DJ-packed all-ages bump-bash featuring Le Castle Vania, Paparazzi, Computer Club RRRump, and more at the Glasshouse is where electrohungry lambs will want to flock for a change of scenery and taste of Atlanta (where F.Y. is based) style clubbin’ … well those who have a license for the long drive anyway. 248 W. 2nd St., Pomona; Sat., March 7.

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