Los Angeles police this week said a theft ring that commanded several “booster” crews of shoplifters took more than $6 million worth of loot from the likes of Wal-Mart, Target, Ralphs, Vons and other stores.

Despite a several-months-long investigation and arrest and search warrants arrest for six people and 15 locations, only two arrests were made as part of the Los Angeles Police Department's bust of what it calls the Hernandez Organization.

Police allege that the organization fenced goods from crews and even advertised that it would buy items (allegedly no questions asked) from members of the public.

The ring seemed to specialize in infant formula, and undercover officers responded to newspaper ads seeking to buy the goods — leading to the bust, according to an LAPD statement.

Other stolen items included diapers, health-and-beauty products and over-the-counter medicine.

The two arrested, who were not identified, were booked on suspicion of grand theft and other recommended charges.

Anyone with information about the ring was asked to call detectives at (213) 486-7280 or (213) 486-7356.

LA Weekly