Book Review: Musician and poet Chris Forrest publishes bracing debut work of poetry, Destination Nowhere

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The first poetry collection from Chris Forrest is filled with insightful musings on what it means to be human

Accomplished musician and writer Chris Forrest, aka Exetera, has released his debut poetry collection, Destination Nowhere.

The collection accompanies Chris’ third music project, Connected Disconnection, which is being released in November. Combined, these projects go to showcase Chris’ versatility across different mediums.

Chris` journey to becoming a successful artist has been fraught with obstacles, which molded him into the person he is today. Against the backdrop of a turbulent childhood, Chris developed a love for reading at the age of 7. He began writing poetry to deal with emotional and physical trauma, pouring his heart into a Goosebumps journal he had as a kid.

From this, he spent his teenage years turning unadorned ramblings into competent verses of poetry. In high school, late-night conversations and adventures with friends gave him the confidence to share his poems with others by reading them aloud or putting them to music.

He quickly discovered that he had a gift, which he turned into two acclaimed albums, The Hallway and Behind Closed Doors.

Now, he’s finally unveiled his debut collection of poetry.

Chris says about his artistry and writings, “I simply want to deliver music, poetry, and art that showcases feelings that we as humans try to encapsulate. I want to be heard/seen by more individuals – through the different avenues I’m creating – in hopes of relating/helping people through my self-expression. Wherever that will take me, I’ll let destiny decide.” 

Destination Nowhere is available to purchase from September 1st. It can be found on Amazon and at selected bookshops.

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