Book Pick: Brown Bohemians (Slideshow)

Ellis Quinn Polynice and Jeanette Polynice (Photographer: Denice Lachapelle)Ladene Clark (Photographer: Travis Matthew)Noon Baker and Sunshine Baker (Photographer: Olalekan Abou Baker)Monykuoch Deng, Deng Deng, Hayet AJA Duot, Athiey Duot Deng (Photographer: Shamaal Bloodman)Shelley Mokoena (Photographer: Themba Mbuyisa)Sunshine Baker (Pictured and Noon Baker (Photographer: Olalekan Abou Baker)Rafael, Pia Tuulia, Omari Eccleston-Brown (Photographer: Alexis Peskine) Deng Deng (Photographer: Joshua Kissi)Gouled Ahmed (Photographer: Gouled Ahmed)Maya Chakravarti (Photographer: Chef Ashe)Jae Vernon (Photographer: Qamra Blu)Ladene Clark (Photographer: Joseph Rosado)Brittney Hart (Photographer: Spencer Charles)Amah Ayivi, Shaka Maidoh, Sam Lambert (Photographer: Niklas Nyman)Amah Ayivi (Photographer: Zahia Salhi)Kenya Raymer (Photographer: Roxanne Bellamy)Tatianna (Tarot) Morales (Photographer: Nikki Gurvin)Indy Srinath (Photographer: Sarah Hooker)VV Patchouli (Photographer: DP Jolly)Nia Groce, VV Patchouli, Diana Choibekova (Photographer: Mark Clennon)Kesia Makeba Estwick (Photographer: Shaquan (JQuan) Nurse)Kenya Raymer (Photographer: Jeanette Polynice)Ellis Quinn Polynice and Jeanette Polynice (Photographer: Denice Lachapelle)

Though it can be hard to find joy in our challenging world right now, art and creativity provide both refuge and escape. Music, film and books that explore creative expression are more vital than ever. That’s why we recommend the beautiful new tome Brown Bō’hēmians, which celebrates the essence of creative people of color in exciting and visually powerful ways. A compelling collection of words and images, the book -curated by Vanessa Coore Vernon, Morgan Ashley and Wendy Pruitt- spotlights black and brown people from around the country (including L.A.) shattering stereotypes in fashion, lifestyle and community, and redefines what it means to be an influencer of culture.  Enjoy some images from the book in this slideshow and follow @BrownBohemians on Instagram for more.

All photos here from Brown Bohemians, published by PowerHouse Books.


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