For the dirt on Kayne's five in the morning show and why that didn't go down too well with the kids, let's check in with Sean Maloney at the Nashville Scene.

Early word in the press tent was that Kanye West disappointed the 'Roo crew with an untimely, five-o-clock-in-the-fucking-morning set. Rumors were rampant: The patchouli-and-devil-stick contingent were pretty sure that Kanye had conspired to cut Phil Lesh's set short, and the pinkos were convinced that he was chilling with Obama. But more likely than not it just took a while to set up that crazy stage.

Whatever the reason, he played almost two-and-half hours after his already rescheduled slot, and the kids were pissed. But he's Kanye, and he gets to do whatever he wants.

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Raconteurs at Bonnaroo:

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Metallica and Chris Rock:

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