That band name, Boinkasaurus, is eye-catching from the off, ain't it? It makes it tough to get a handle on what they're all about, but their Facebook page states that they “promote sexual revolution via neo-spiritual schmooze-pop buffoonery.” Fair enough, but we need to know more. They play the Love Song this week, so we took the opportunity to chat with the band's Eve Elliott.

L.A. WEEKLY: When and how did the band form, and what was the mission?
EVE ELLIOTT: As roommates, Richard [Ross] and I are always singing silly made-up songs around the house. We played together in a Korean swing band before starting Boinkasaurus around March 2017. Originally it was supposed to be a joke band with no rehearsals and no real songs, but that dream quickly ended and now we are an ordinary band that rehearses. Trevor [Anderies] and Eric [Klerks] are friends from the L.A. jazz scene whom we roped into playing with us.

Describe the sound. Who are the main influences?

Our sound is the result of myriad influences. Richard draws a lot from Motown and early rock & roll; his songs are raw and groove-driven but with some dance-y powder-puff twinkle in there. I’m a lover of Balkan folk music and my songs often mix those traditional rhythms with elements from Afrobeat, jazz and prog rock. Music greats like Frank Zappa and Les Claypool are inspirational to us in terms of the way they combine funny and irreverent lyrics with intricate songwriting and instrumental shreddery.

Where does that awesome name come from?
The social dynamics of our society are changing tremendously, especially with the advent of the internet and social media. Boinkasaurus songs explore questions of sexuality and identity in today’s world, where it seems a lot of the old rules about dating and sex don’t apply anymore. Since this is a major theme in our music, we chose a name to reflect that. A word like “boink” lets people know exactly what they’re getting into because it’s goofy and unapologetically raunchy — just like us. 

What can we expect from this set at the Love Song?
Come ready to laugh. Our music is meant to uplift and delight you but also to make you think. Steel yourself because no topic is off-limits, from the perils of porn addiction to the importance of healthy eating and dental care. Come ready to enjoy beautiful three-part vocal harmonies, wailing raucous saxophone skronk, funky guitar and bass lines, potentially cacophonous polyrhythms. Come ready to sing and dance. A Boink show is always a gay old time for one and all.

What's next for you guys in 2019, after that gig?

We are dedicated to continually improving as instrumentalists. Richard has invented a modified saxophone called the “Shardsophone,” and he will keep developing his technique on that horn while I continue practicing keys and guitar. We both have new songs in the works, and we’re putting together Boink arrangements of some cover tunes as well. Also in the spirit of the great Liberace, this year we’re working to enhance our stagecraft, so that we can captivate and dazzle our audiences not just as musicians but as performers.

Boinkasauruz play with Snow Nerds and Hannah Rose Dexter at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the Love Song.

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