Back in the day, before anyone said “back in the day,” there was the Onyx, a little café with average coffee, unremarkable muffins and crappy chairs where pre-laptop bohos scribbled on legal pads or even — I swear I saw this — tapped on typewriters. These pioneer artisticos were about the closest thing to '20s-era Paris this town has ever seen (which is pretty pathetic, but that's L.A. for you). Many customers carried drums. Now that enough time has gone by, we can remember the joint as we want. Poet/writer S.A. Griffin brings us The 10-Year Onyx Reunion. Griffin calls it “an old-fashioned Onyx hoedown” with music from Atomic Sherpas, Charmkin Rebellion, Bill Markus, Michael Whitmore and Ron Hershewebands, poetry by Steve Abee, Rafael F.J. Alvarado, Holly Prado and Blakeslee Stevens. Tribal Café, 1651 W. Temple St., L.A.; Sat., Oct. 11, noon-1 p.m.; free. (213) 483-4458.
Pictured: Atomic Sherpas.

Sat., Oct. 11, noon-1 a.m., 2008

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