As live shots of Mars rover Curiosity's Pasadena-area control room went viral, America was in awe … over one guy's mohawk or, maybe, fauxhawk, depending on your point of view.

Yes, as NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrated the unprecedented move of setting a car-sized rover on the red planet with more technology than has ever been in space, jaws dropped over this guy.

His name is Bobak Ferdowsi, and …

… he identifies himself as flight director for the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission. He's an MIT grad, apparently.

Gone are the days of middle-aged men with pocket protectors and huge headsets, a la '60s-era Apollo missions.

This ain't Houston.

No, the L.A.-area control room for this mission looked a little like the pitch room for TMZ last night — young and snarky.

Here are some tweets about our friend Bobak:

The Atlantic noted that Ferdowsi has set off a torrent of internet memes (see above).

He reportedly goes with a new “do” for every mission. Obviously, this one was special. Ferdowsi tweeted this last night:

One fan even set up a Tumblr blog titled “NASA Needs More Mohawks,” calling Ferdowsi the “coolest guy at NASA.”

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