If you know what a Sarlacc is, you are a serious nerd. Becky Gould made this pillow in the shape of that sand creature in Return of the Jedi that eats Boba Fett. Gould, 38, is a monster plush artist originally from Bournemouth UK, now living in Vancouver. You may have seen her curious Sarlacc making the Internet rounds this past week. Gould took time out of her hectic monster-making schedule to talk with me about sand monsters and pillows.

How in the world did you think to turn the Sarlacc into a pillow?

The Sarlacc pillow is my entry for the show “Stitch Wars” at the Bear and Bird boutique and gallery in Florida. I just love the mouth of the Sarlacc, which is vaguely similar to some of the toys I make and I wanted to make something that no one else would.

Before this, I didn't know what that thing was called. Are you really into Star Wars and is that how you knew what it was called?

I actually didn't know what it was called before deciding to make it…I had to refer to my partner and my 11-year-old son for the name…they're both huge Star Wars fans.

Remember this guy? He remembers you!

Remember this guy? He remembers you!

Remember this guy? He remembers you!

Remember this guy? He remembers you!

You could have made the Sarlacc into one huge, massive pillow. Did you consider other design options for it? If you've ever seen the anatomical diagrams of it, the Sarlacc is a large creature with hearts and chambers and a digestive system.

I could have made it bigger, like a huge cross section with all the underground details, although then it would have been less of a pillow and more a hanging piece of art. I would love to get a little more out there with my creations but for the moment I'm quite new to shows and galleries and its easy to get the fear that your piece won't sell!

Are you going to sell the pillow?

I actually made 2 examples of the Sarlacc pillow and both will be for sale.

Do you think the Sarlacc is cute or scary? Do you have a fondness for it?

The Sarlacc is definitely very scary (slowly digested over a thousand years!!). I think my version is also a little cute though, like your own pet Sarlacc.

Boba Fett was the only known survivor of the Sarlacc's digestive system. Do you think YOU could survive if you fell in?

Not a chance!

Anatomical diagram of the Sarlacc from Wookiepedia (click here for bigger version):

And by the way, Los Angeles, what gives? Is Florida really so much dorkier that this Star Wars craft show is happening there rather than here?

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