Alcoholic boba has made its way to the San Gabriel Valley. Boba 7, Los Angeles' first alcoholic boba bar, has opened a second location. This time, it's on Valley Boulevard — the epicenter of the Chinese food scene in Los Angeles. 

Fronted by entrepreneur Elton Keung, Boba 7 opened up in 2013 as a self-dubbed “speakeasy” located at a small bar space in the back of Soi 7 downtown. It made the headlines for being the first boozy boba establishment in the Southland.

Keung recently opened his second location in the back of restaurant No. 1 Kazoku in San Gabriel. He calls it Boba 8. “The San Gabriel Valley was where I grew up, and I wanted to bring my creations back here,” he said.
While Boba 7 serves up both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Keung is bringing only his spiked concoctions to the San Gabriel location. “We only have 10 menu items at the Boba 8 location,” Keung said. “It's really simple right now.”

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Signature drinks include the Green Tea Heineken and the cheekily named Bobagasm. The former is what it sounds like: Heineken steeped in green tea. Keung tops it off with honey-infused boba. The latter is a play on the classic Orgasm – flavored with Irish Cream and Kahlua. The twist? Boba, of course.

Kazoku has a separate bar space for Boba 8 patrons. The bar is running from Thursday to Sunday, 5 to 11 p.m. Keung plans to stay there indefinitely.

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