Are your corn chips evil? Is Lagunitas stupid? Are bloggers lame for taking comped food? These questions and more, answered (or at least debated) in this week's food news roundup. 

This week's episode of Food Is The New Rock features Trois Mec chef Ludo Lefebvre, in which he and FITNR host Zach Brooks talk food, music and foie gras. 

This week in chef news: Former Eva chef Mark Gold has taken over at Salt restaurant in Marina Del Ray;  Ramen Champ from Alvin Cailan will open Monday in Chinatown; Jaime Martín del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu have opened Flautas in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall; Ray Garcia will open Broken English in the former Rivera space

SumOfUs has made a parody Doritos commercial to bring light to the use of forest-destroying palm oil in the production of the chips. It's gone viral, with over a million page views as of yesterday. PepsiCo, Dorito's parent company, is not pleased

Lagunitas sued Sierra Nevada over the use of blocky, capital letters on an IPA label. Then everyone freaked out and they dropped the lawsuit

The show based on chef and food personality Eddie Huang's memoir Fresh Off The Boat is about to premier on ABC, and like many things Huang-ralated, there's some controversy involved. Huang published a lengthy essay in New York magazine about his misgivings with the show's treatment of his story, and since then the media has been wondering whether or not the producers of the show (of which Huang is one) are at war. If nothing else, it gives us a fascinating look at the inner politics of how a show gets made. 

There is now a Hello Kitty-themed organic farm in Hong Kong. 

The editor for Eater Montreal has something to say about bloggers and comped meals. This comes after certain bloggers were reportedly paid $500 to “host” a party thrown by a local restaurant group. Is the self-satisfied, budget-having media just searching for any reason to look down on their unpaid competition, or are journalistic ethics going down the toilet because of trust-ruining unprincipled food bloggers? You decide. 

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