Days after the weekly downtown newspaper Garment & Citizen announced it was shutting down, a new weekly is headed to newsstands: Publisher Eric Richardson announced he would slap his well-regarded website brand, blogdowntown, on a new weekly paper that will launch Aug. 5.

Who would start a 25,000-circulation newspaper in the era of print's death? Why, a successful blogger, of course. LAist caught up with Richardson and asked him what gives. He answers:

I think you need to tailor your content to the strengths of each medium. News is best suited to the online world, where a story can evolve quickly as new developments take place.

We will certainly have some news in the paper, but it will be more a recap of what we've been talking about on the site or a high-level feature story that digs into an ongoing topic.

Ideally, the news content that we do pull into print will help draw readers to the website where they can be kept up to date throughout the week.

The paper will go against the established downtown weekly, the Downtown News. Of course, while the News' readership seems to include business owners, city leaders and captains of industry, blogdowntown seems to have tapped the younger, art walk-dwelling, loft-living demographic that has taken over the city's core in the last 10 years.

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