Young girls today obsessed with lusting vampires would no doubt LOL if they read Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. The story of a half-Christian, half-Jewish preteen who asks God about religion and getting her period and boobs (we didn't have to ask; they just appeared, uninvited) seems as dated as last year's iPod. But director-writer Dane Whitlock's musical Are You There God? It's Me, Karen Carpenter, which premiered last year, pairs Blume's 1970 classic tale with two other icons from the '70s: The Carpenters. The cast includes Carey Peters as Margaret and Drew Droege (aka Youtube's “Chloe Sevigny”) and Jennifer Blak as her mom and dad. Watch our angst-ridden heroine and her friends deal with their changing bodies and play games like Spin the Bottle and Two Minutes in the Closet while singing Carpenters hits like “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “Close To You,” “Top of the World” and “We've Only Just Begun.” Brush up on your lyrics at home, and don't forget to do your chest exercises. You must, you must, you must increase your bust. Cavern Club Theater, 1920 Hyperion Ave.; Aug. 17-18, 24-25, 9 p.m.; $20. (323) 654-1962,

Fridays, Saturdays, 9 p.m. Starts: Aug. 17. Continues through Aug. 25, 2012

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