BlacktipH and Bad Company Fishing Join Forces for the World’s Largest Private Fishing Tour

In an unprecedented collaboration, BlacktipH and Bad Company Fishing have united their expertise and passion for fishing to embark on the world’s largest private fishing tour. This groundbreaking venture promises to deliver epic content and tell a story that has never been told before.

BlacktipH, founded in 2008, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing fishing content. With their online saltwater fishing show, they have become the most subscribed fishing show in the world. Hosted by Josh Jorgensen and co-host Jake Jorgensen, BlacktipH is renowned for providing viewers with action-packed, high-quality content while promoting catch and release fishing and emphasizing conservation.

Joining forces with BlacktipH is none other than Anthony Hsieh, the Founder and Chairman of Loan Depot and an avid fisherman with a lifelong passion for the sport. Hsieh, together with his crew, is on a multi-year adventure to explore the globe through sport fishing. His private fishing program is the largest of its kind, spanning across the globe with three support vessels and eight game boats strategically stationed for fishing expeditions.

The collaboration between BlacktipH and Bad Company Fishing marks a new chapter in the world of fishing content. Together, they are embarking on an ambitious journey to Cape Verde, where they aim to achieve a monumental feat: catching a grander Marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds. This Fourteen-day expedition will be meticulously documented by the BlacktipH team. Davis Bennett, head of filming and editing for BlacktipH will capture every moment of this historic fishing tour.

After their time in Cape Verde, the team will set sail for Turkey, where they will launch their new mother ship, the impressive 175-foot Damen Yachts. This vessel will serve as their base for the remainder of the tour, allowing them to reach new fishing destinations and capture extraordinary footage for their audience.

Notably, Bad Company Fishing’s own Captain and crew will be an integral part of this endeavor. Their expertise and knowledge of the seas will contribute to the success of this remarkable tour. Moreover, Anthony Hsieh’s commitment to philanthropy and his dedication to supporting wounded veterans through charity work adds another layer of depth to this collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Bad Company Fishing on this monumental tour,” said Jake Jorgensen, of BlacktipH. “Our shared passion for fishing and storytelling has brought us together to create something truly extraordinary. We look forward to providing our viewers with an unforgettable experience and showcasing the wonders of sport fishing on a global scale.”

The collaboration between BlacktipH and Bad Company Fishing has already garnered significant attention within the fishing community. Fishing enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking once-in-a-lifetime experiences will be captivated by the journey and adventures that lie ahead.

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