Blackboard Jungle Reunite at the Viper Again: Local Sunset Strip rockers perform their annual reunion extravaganza at the Viper Room, alongside Fizzy Bangers, Swingin’ Thing, Old Man Crawford and Stars From Mars. Will the big hair rise again? That remains to be seen.

We spoke to bassist Britt Pennella back in 2018, and he told us that: “It’s almost like in getting it wrong that we got it rights. I thought Warrant and all those bands were excellent, but we didn’t sound like that. It was just a hybrid of Mötley Crüe and Bruce Springsteen. Kim said I should be like Axl and tell my story of coming from Jersey. He got me to that place.”

Their inspiration to reform annually came from an unlikely source.

“I heard that Oingo Boingo does a show once a year, for Halloween,” Pennella said. “That got in my head. If we went on tour, it would get less and less every time. You get that hit of crack, like, ‘Woah, this is special.’ Then you do it again and it’s not as special. I said we have to have the discipline to do it once a year, so nobody’s missing anything. One special night. A heavy metal class reunion on the Sunset Strip.”

It’s also worth noting that across the road at the Whisky, on the same night, Quiet Riot is performing so maybe a bit of room switching is in order.

Blackboard Jungle Reunite at the Viper Again: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 at the Viper Room.

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