Filter Magazine has just announced a new festival that is sure to make parking even more impossible in Echo Park.

Culture Collide will bring bands from 12 different countries together on October 7, 8, 9 and 10 in L.A. The shows will take place at Spaceland, the Echo, Echoplex and The Standard Hotel's Downtown location.

The diverse bill features Black Lips, Klaxons, Monotonix, the Besnard Lakes, and some local acts too (Sea Wolf, the Outline).

On October 10, the whole shebang will wrap up with a block party (which we assume will look like this), and organizers say that:

“These U.S. bands, along with Filter Magazine, will act as ambassadors throughout the festival and take the international artists under their wings to share information about playing the States and compare notes about creating music.”

We assume that means introducing our European and Israeli friends to light beer, bacon-wrapped danger dogs, and pot dispensaries with resident DJs who look like Hansel's personal turntabilst in Zoolander.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Twenty bucks will get you a wristband that gives access to everything — a pretty good deal, we think. Those go on sale on July 5th via Ticket Web. Tickets for each individual show will be available as well.

Full confirmed lineup:

Black Lips




The Besnard Lakes


Sea Wolf

The Boxer Rebellion

Voxhaul Broadcast

Land of Talk


We Barbarians

Gold Lake

Pink Noise


Hello Saferide


The Outline


Two Sheds

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