Did birther diehards Gary Kreep and Orly Taitz learn nothing from Donald Trump's humiliating roast at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner this weekend?

Outlook not so good.

Trump became the laughingstock of a nation after Hawaii handed over a copy of President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate on Friday; see: Vanity Fair's “Challenge to Donald Trump to Prove the Authenticity of His Hair” and a nation's worth of snarky Tweets. To add insult to injury, Obama's badass announcement that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden will soon be fed to the fishies interrupted Trump's “Celebrity Apprentice” slot on Sunday night. (Coincidence? We think not.)

But no amount of shame — nor sanctions for abusing the federal court system — can deter two SoCal lawyers' laser focus on that freaking certificate.

As the nation celebrates a world free of Osama, Kreep and Taitz will keep on keepin' on in the fight for an America free of Obama. City News Service reports that the unstoppable duo will be back in appeals court first thing this morning, asking a three-judge panel in Pasadena that “their own their forensic experts” be allowed to examine the notorious document.

“We're not sure that's an actual copy of the birth certificate,'' Kreep told San Diego station KGTV. And even if it is:

“He was a U.S. citizen. If he gave that up, then he is no longer a U.S. citizen,” Kreep said, referring to a trip Obama made years ago.

“Mr. Obama traveling to Pakistan in the 1980s on a non-U.S. passport,” he said, noting that Obama has said he didn't have a U.S. passport until he became a senator.

“He had to have a passport from a foreign country. We'd like to know what country that was,” said Kreep.

Some are calling this nitpicky second wave of Obama haters the “afterbirthers.” And, uh, we really wish this was a joke, but it appears more than a few isolated crazies are taking part. In this Fox News segment from April 27, reporter Eric Bolling takes a laser-pointer to a blown-up copy of Obama's birth certificate:

“We have to thank Donald Trump,” birther leader and “political activist” Pam Gellar tells Bolling. Oh god. The host then goes on to question why it looks like it was photocopied from a book, and asserts that “there's a green border around it that has to be Photoshopped in.”

The OC Weekly has rounded up a few more hangers-on. But Taitz takes the cake, batty/hilarious enough to catch the eye of Republican role-player Stephen Colbert in 2009, who rocketed her to infamy with a cameo on his show. The ensuing point-and-laugh fest was almost too easy:

According to City News Service:

Taitz has already been sanctioned by a federal judge in Georgia for misusing the court system to press the issue, but has three separate court actions pending to challenge President's Obama's qualifications to serve the nation. She told City News Service last week that she questions the birth certificate's authenticity because it lists the president's father's race as African, instead of negro.

If this is not the most deranged, psychotic attempt to oust the first sane president we've elected in a decade, then pull our records and call us illegals. But don't actually. Because that would be a massive, time-and-money-sucking waste of everyone's life.

But as long as we're indulging in LULzy birther videos, the Donald Trump roast is not to be missed:

We don't care if Obama was born on Pluto. Any POTUS who can tear his adversaries that large of a new asshole while maintaining all presidential dignity is red-white-and-blue by us. Also, the Vegas-lit White House rendering: priceless.


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