Here's an excellent piece on Fountain: Beautiful, unusual, educational and local.

From Elk Pen's website:

“A lot of my work is about birds.

Living in the city, birds are the wildlife I see most often. When I watch a bird hopping around on the sidewalk, or cocking it’s head from the phone wire I am struck by how personable he, or she, is. I hope that in making pictures about birds the livingness and individuality of birds becomes more apparent.”

It would have been easy enough for the market owners to just put up a bunch of garish Budweiser ads covering his store, women in bikinis holding wet bottles of beer. More ads, more selling of more junk. Instead: This. With its wonderful muted colors,and bilingual descriptions of all of the birds, this is something useful and even inspiring.

All photos by Mark Mauer. More after the jump.

All photos by Mark Mauer.

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