Mama always said the rich don't get that way by spending money.

She was right, of course. L.A.'s second-wealthiest man, Eli Broad, has made an art of using OPM (other people's money) to erect a shrine to himself — a Grand Avenue museum and office — downtown.

First he got $52 million of your money to build a parking garage for his art and offices (at a time when the city is cutting back on police — although this cash comes from a separate, “redevelopment” fund). And now …

… Eli would like you to invest in his museum.

According to the Bond Buyer (via LA Biz Observed), Broad is floating $150 million worth of bonds that he would like you to buy in order to fund his art building, much of which will be private offices for his nonprofit foundation.

He'll pay you back, of course (at a reported rate of $12 million a year), as the gift shop money comes rolling in.

The point is that Broad won't have to front too much of his own substantial cash here. And for a guy worth around $6 billion, $200 million or so to build a museum (to house his art and office) is pocket change.

But why scramble for the bill when you will? Happy investing.

LA Weekly