Longtime TV journalist Bill Moyers, now of PBS, addressed the kids at Whittier College over the weekend. And while other commencement speakers have scolded the class of 2011 for being spoiled or lacking that ever-necessary sub-gluteal fire, Moyers just said sorry.

Yeah, in a rare move among oldsters he kind of told it like it is, blaming elders for the crap state of the world — you know, the economy, the environment, Donald Trump.

(Wish he was our speaker when we graduated). Here's part of what Moyers said:

I'm not sure anyone from my generation has anything to say to your generation except, `We're sorry.'

Classy move, Bill.

The broadcaster went on to praise the diversity of the Whittier student body, saying the experience on campus would help graduates in their post-college pursuits:

With a student body the color and texture of the future. With a faculty that believes in service teaching and with trustees and an administration committed to your needs for personal growth and the worlds need for social justice. This was the best choice you made early in your life.

So, in your face, USC, UCLA, and old people.

LA Weekly