UC Davis has tapped former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton to head an “independent review” of the pepper spraying felt around the world.

As recently as summer the ex-chief had been toying with the idea of heading Scotland Yard, the British police agency under fire following revelations that cops stood by as the phones of celebrities and leaders were tapped by tabloid reporters.

Now he's got to find out why a line of seated Occupy protesters …

… was gunned down with a cloud of noxious pepper spray during a Nov. 18 protest at the campus. Video of the incident has sparked international outrage and countless internet meme photos.

Students have demanded the ouster of UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi. So far she has stood fast, offering up the heads of others by choosing to put the campus police chief and two officers involved in the spraying on leave.

In tapping Bratton, UC president Mark G. Yudof said

… my intent is to provide the chancellor and the entire University of California community with an independent, unvarnished report about what happened at Davis.

Today the university announced that it was asking the local D.A. drop failure-to-disperse allegations against the 10 sprayees. It also offered to pay any medical bills related to the gassing.


LA Weekly