“Bikes are boring.”

There, somebody finally said it. The somebody was Tony Chavira, one of the bloggers at the urban design and living site FourStory. Chavira was complaining about Bike to Work Week, a feel-good non-event he was chiding because, deep down, when people say they hate cars, they mean they hate the sight of other people driving cars.

Besides, Chavira says, “bike advocates in Los Angeles are particularly belligerent about biking, and although I appreciate their fervor, I also can't stand their smug attitudes.”

Tell us about it. Who hasn't been yelled for merely signaling to make a left turn in front of an oncoming cyclist? Or had to listen to daily-martyr stories about the sacrifice cyclists are making on our behalf? The chips on their shoulders have chips. Don't get me wrong, I personally love the feel of getting on a bike and pushing off a curb into traffic. Maybe it's just the sight of other people riding bikes that — never mind.

Credit: LA Herald-Examiner/LAPL

Credit: LA Herald-Examiner/LAPL

Fed up with the basic design of the bike itself, Chavira includes some

fanciful images of alternative transportation, including the

“all-terrain skateboard” pictured above. Not too far-fetched,

considering the photo from 1965 that we ran here a few days ago of Hobie Alter peeling down PCH on a motorized skateboard:

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