A ballerina balloon fight, spontaneous hula- hooping and a glitter-filled piñata come into play in the video for “B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T.,” an upbeat single from L.A. pop conglomerate Big Whup.

For the unfamiliar, this fourpiece employs tap shoes, singing saw, viola, triola, organ and the usual suspects to craft its larger-than-life, smile-inducing tunes. But there may be a darker side to the band bubbling beneath the surface.

Things start out smooth in this Kate Gill-directed clip, but by the end, the pirouetting posse has been decimated and a large heart violently smashed to pieces. This is one of two videos the band is premiering in person at Pehrspace tonight. They'll be playing that event too, along with Kid Static and a handful of others.

LA Weekly